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Wiiz Big Slim Rectangle Panel

Rectangular LED panel lights allows superior optical designs enhancing brightness. Rectangle LED panel lights are anti glare which makes the surrounding extremely comfortable. Rectangle LED panel lights look more elegant and modern than any other kind of LED panel lights. The panel lights are also stronger in regards to construction because they are made using cold rolled aluminium plates which make them firm and strong. Typical rectangle LED panel lights have a very low energy consumption rate that saves approximately 60% of the energy consumed by the conventional lights. Typical led rectangle panel lights have an extremely long life i.e. 50,000 hours. The panel lights also feature instant soft starts with no RF interference, flickering, speckle or buzzing. Also, the lights don’t hum or buzz.

Wiiz Big Slim Rectangle Panel Specifications

Model No Power Factor Input Voltage Led Type Power Lumin Size Color IpGrade
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