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Wiiz Down Light 3

Down Lights are used mainly as ceiling fixtures. With high brightness COB LEDs ideally suited for low ceiling areas to give glare free light. Delivers higher lumens while consuming less power & provide excellent illumination. High efficacy & lower power consumption These down lights are used in relatively larger indoor places like shopping malls, showrooms, galleries, etc. Delivers high brightness & excellent illumination even in high ceiling areas .The finish adds a sense of style and elegance to your interiors.

Wiiz Down Light 3 Specifications

Model No Power Factor Input Voltage Led Type Power Lumin Size Color IpGrade
WIIZ-DL-1503-7W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 7W ≥90LM/W 90MM WH/WW/NW IP20
WIIZ-DL-1503-10W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 10W ≥90LM/W 115 MM WH/WW/NW IP20
WIIZ-DL-1503-15W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 15W ≥90LM/W 150 MM WH/WW/NW IP20
WIIZ-DL-1503-20W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 20W ≥90LM/W 180 MM WH/WW/NW IP20
WIIZ-DL-1503-30W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 30W ≥90LM/W 220 MM WH/WW/NW IP20
WIIZ-DL-1503-50W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 50W ≥90LM/W 220 MM WH/WW/NW IP20


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