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WIIZLED Lights & Electricals LLP Testimonials

I am a startup entrepreneur in Hyderabad. I seek long-term efficiency in my invested capital. As a new restaurant owner, I was more concerned about lights. My indoor, outdoor and the decorative lighting solution were met at one place in WIIZ Lights & Electricals. They were having the latest LED lights. It gives me the right effect of a candlelight dinner for romantic people. Their energy efficient lights were delighted the family dining place. Overall, my restaurant got an eye soothing illuminated looks from outside and inside. I never expected such an illumination effect. Moreover, their decorative lights did attract many walk-in customers to remember my restaurant once again. I did not hop shop to shop. I find WIIZ Lights as a one-stop solution for commercial customers. I recommend them for all startups like me.

- Adil Ahmed

My electricity bill usually triples in the summer season. I am an ordinary household. I found it difficult to pay when my EB was not within my budget. I heard of LED lights consume very little electricity. I took a smart decision and searched the web. I found WIIZ Lights & Electricals is the affordable place to buy a modern lighting system. I replaced all my indoor lights with the new LED bulbs. I found a drop in my electricity bill. I suggest households like me to buy LED lights from WIIZ Lights and save electricity and electricity bill. Their staffs were friendly and did consult with me. I found their suggested LED bulbs were within my budget. They did give me the warranty and assured for after-sales service.

- Nitesh Goel

I am an industrialist in Hyderabad. The recent GHMC policy to go green for industries has made me decide on power. My management team discussed in a meeting and found LED lighting is energy efficient illumination solution for many industries. There was no next thought and we found WIIZ Lights & Electricals as our lighting partner. Their sales team amazed us. They were not into sales and instead they were speaking about power values. I really appreciate their suggestions, which were most suitable for my indoor and outdoor industrial lighting. I purchased online after their consultation. I was pleased to get some discounts and offers. I highly recommend them for all industrialists to buy their lighting products and go green in Hyderabad.

- Syed Imran

I am an IT professional and buying a new home in Hyderabad was my first preference. My budget was limited to buy an unfurnished home. I took a smart decision on lighting by contacting WIIZ Lights & Electricals. This happened when I search for online for the top LED lights dealer in Hyderabad. I gave the room space measurement, and they were having the right energy efficient LED lights for my house. I decided to buy from them, as they were trusted and rated dealers. Moreover, they are the manufacturers too. I ordered smartly from my Smartphone and received the lighting products in good condition. I was surprised to receive them before their promised date. I recommend them for all new homebuyers to use LED bulbs and save electricity.

- MA Faisal

I am a small vendor for the lights and sound system in Hyderabad. As you all know, this is a cultural city and there are no limits for celebrations. The household, public, and others do enquire me for LED decorative lights. I found such unsolicited inquiries and decided to by the latest one from the market. I did first speak to my regular dealers. I found their price was higher than the WIIZ Lights & Electricals. I was concerned about the price, durability, and warranty. I found WIIZ Lights as the right lighting solution service provider. Now, my decorative light rental is most in demand for its glitter, designs, and colorful illumination. I upgraded my decorative lights, and I am happy to serve my community as per the lighting trends.

- Abdul Rahman


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