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Wiiz Spot Light

The LED spotlights series from WIIZ are the comfort line ,most appealing and bring life into space. The use of LEDs as a directional  light source is  the deal for spotlights. Directional light control is made  possible by using an accurate reflector  technology, thus enhancing energy efficiency and ease in installation. LED light source with COB technology and contemporary technical design flange comes with a well – designed heat sink body in cast aluminum to make it thermally efficient and durable .

Wiiz Spot Light Specifications

Model No Power Factor Input Voltage Led Type Power Lumin Size Color IpGrade
WIIZ-SPTL-01-3W/5W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 3W/5W ≥90LM/W 55 MM WH/WW/NW IP20
WIIZ-SPTL-01-7W/10W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 7W/10W ≥90LM/W 75 MM WH/WW/NW IP20
WIIZ-SPTL-01-15W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 15W ≥90LM/W 95 MM WH/WW/NW IP20
WIIZ-SPTL-01-20W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 20W ≥90LM/W 120 MM WH/WW/NW IP20
WIIZ-SPTL-01-30W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 30W ≥90LM/W 140 MM WH/WW/NW IP20


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