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Wiiz Street Light

Street Lights help maintain the safety and security of the streets. WiiZ LED street lights provide the functional illumination. This LED street light is made up of Diecast Aluminium with glass reflector and enhances the aesthetic ambience of the area during day time. At night it lights up brightly to help monitor the safety and security of the area. The LED street light comes in 8 different sizes with net weight ranging from 1.2 to 6.7 kg. LED street lights come with surge protection of 10 KV and and lightning safe.

Wiiz Street Light Specifications

Model No Power Factor Input Voltage Led Type Power Lumin Size Color IpGrade
WIIZ-STRTL-01-30W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 30W ≥120LM/W 350*150*55MM WH IP 65
WIIZ-STRTL-01-40W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 40W ≥120LM/W 450*200*75MM WH IP 65
WIIZ-STRTL-01-50W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 50W ≥120LM/W 490*215*75MM WH IP 65
WIIZ-STRTL-01-60W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 60W ≥120LM/W 620*260*75MM WH IP 65
WIIZ-STRTL-01-80W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 80W ≥120LM/W 620*260*75MM WH IP 65
WIIZ-STRTL-01-100W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 100W ≥120LM/W 720*260*95MM WH IP 65
WIIZ-STRTL-01-150W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 150W ≥120LM/W 950*350*95MM WH IP 65
WIIZ-STRTL-01-200W ≥0.95 AC85-265V COB 200W ≥120LM/W 950*350*95MM WH IP 65


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