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Wiizled is the Best LED Light Manufacturer in India

Posted on 04-03-2019

Wiiz Led Lights


The LED lights are much in demand by domestic, industrial, and commercial customers. This is due to its low consumption of electricity and giving you ambient luminescence. The LED lights are changing the phase of conventional lighting. This is because; they are affordable and last longer than the conventional bulbs. The people living in any type of homes can adopt the latest in LED Lighting. These are manufactured in India now. They are at par with the international standard of electrical and electronic lighting solutions.

Who is the quality LED light manufacturer in India?

The Wiiz LED lights manufacturer is one of the best in this modern lighting solution. They are popular as the Wiizled lights in the Middle East and in India. They have designed and developed as per the Middle East electrical and electronic standards. When it comes to India, the household electricity consumption is of 250-V and uses 5-10 Amp current. They have seen the Indian electricity complaisance and manufactured here by using quality electronic and electrical accessories. They manufacture the below-mentioned lighting products.  

Indoor LED Lights

These are the best lighting products for house and commercial customers. They are available from 3-W to 60-W. It is sufficient to replace your existing 10-W to 100-W conventional bulbs and tube lights. You can save nearly 50% on your electricity bill.

Outdoor LED Lights

The households can use this type of lights to replace your 100-W bulbs. A 50-W to 60-W Led lights will bring more light than your 100-W fluorescent and halogen bulbs. They are smaller than conventional lights. It does not need a strong pole to set in your outdoors of your home.

Indoor Industrial LED Lights

All industries in India need to keep on during the night or for 24-hours. When it comes to 24/7 lighting, the Wiizled lights are the best quality LED indoor light for any industries. They last longer for more than 50,000-hours. They do give the manufacturer warranty to the industrial customers.


The outdoor industrial lights are most important for any type of industries. The conventional outdoor lights are of higher maintenance cost. If you replace them with the latest LED outdoor lights for industries, there will be no worry about maintenance. 

Decorative LED Lights

The present-day people are more concerned to use decorative lights for home and festival time. The LED decorative lights are very affordable to buy from Wiizled lights. The Wiiz LED lights manufacturer has taken care to meet the demand for domestic and commercial customers for decorative LED lights.

Wiiz LED lights manufacturer has changed the trend of the Indian lighting system. Most of the residents and commercial customers are able to replace their conventional bulbs with LED lights. This helps to save energy and save money on the electricity bill of the consumers. Wiizled lights are most searched on the web due to their light quality and durability. It is advisable to buy them online and get some discounts.



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